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Have you ever seen a picture or idea and thought "I can make something like that!" This Blog is about - Ideas and Inspiration Pictures for Crafting and Decorating. Crafts involving Recycling, Reusing and Repurposing materials headed for a landfill. Crafts using Natural Materials, Salvaged Materials and Thrift Shop finds. Tutorials to various interesting craft methods. Free Craft and Decorating Patterns, Projects and Resources. Other misc. Green Craft, Design and Environmental things of interest.


4 December 10

Painting Old (Already Glazed) Ceramics Tutorials

This is the first of my tutorials on various useful crafting techniques. Sometimes I will do a tutorial myself, sometimes I will just link to tutorials elsewhere.

How to paint glazed ceramic pieces - Get some fine grit sandpaper and
gently rough up the glazed surface. Then spray the item with Krylon porcelain finish. Then you can paint it with regular paints. After the paints are really dry, spray or paint on a clear sealer. Use a matte sealer for a flat finish, and glossy for a shiny ceramic look finish. When using spray paint or sealer, several very light coats work better than heavier coats, which get runs and drips in them. Here’s some more tutorials on painting over already glazed ceramics:

Spray Painting Ceramics Tutorial

Ceramic Painting With Water Based, Oven Baking Ceramic Paints

How to Paint Glazed Ceramic Tiles

Easy Instructions for Ceramic Tile Painting - Air Dry Method

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