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16 December 10

Holiday Gift-A-Thon - 3 - Massive List Of Free Cake Decorating Tutorials

I spent weeks researching this, a lot of time reading and watching videos to find all of these tutorials. I was thinking of putting it online somewhere as a file for people to download. Instead I’m going to put it on Tumblr and it will be linked to the “Tutorials” link on the right side of my page, so you can find it there after the holidays. It’s got everything on decorating cakes from beginning basics to advanced techniques, even some recipes and cake related how to’s. There are also several tutorials to make your own cake stands instead of spending a fortune on buying or renting them.

This also might give you some ideas on making a special holiday cake.

Cake Decorating Tutorials

Baby Shower Cake Tutorial - Welcoming William

Blue Tiffany Box Cake Tutorial

Bows - Gumpaste Package Bows Tutorial

Cake Jewelry 101

Chocolate Curls, Fans - How To Make

Chocolate Transfer Sheets - How to Use

Crocodile Skin Texture Effect On Fondant

Double Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Leaves

Flowers - Fondant Lilies Tutorial

Fondant - How to Cover A Cake With Fondant

Fondant - How To Create Faux Fondant (The Paper Smoothing Towel Method / Viva)

Fondant Pearls

Frozen Buttercream Transfer 1

Frozen Buttercream Transfer 2

Icing a Cake with Step by Step Photos

Lace Molds - How To Make Your Own

Mushrooms - How to Make Meringue Mushrooms

Pastry Bag - How to Fill a Pastry Bag

Pregnant Belly Cake Tutorial (In Spanish, but with good pictures)

Simple Baby Buggy Cake Tutorial (In Spanish, but with good pictures)

Teapot Cake Tutorial

Wedding Cake Decorating Tutorials

Wedding Cake - Step by Step Guide to Baking and Decorating a Wedding Cake

Sites With Multiple Tutorials

Art of Dessert (Plus some egg-free non-cake recipes)

Bake Decorate Celebrate! - Techniques, Projects

CakeBaker contains over 160 articles and some videos

CakeCentral (Some Really Good Ones)

CakeWorks Central

Clear Sugar Ice Directions

How2Cakes (Includes easy Chocolate Cigars/Tubes)

Sharing and Caring - Cake Decorating and Sugar Art Tutorials

Wilton Cake and Dessert Decorating 101

Video Tutorials

American Flag Cake

Brush Embroidery!v=FqbDTaauGO0&feature=related

Cake Decorating 101 Videos

Cake Decorating Basic Techniques - A Series

Cakincrazy - Many How To Videos

Chocolate Curls How to

Chocolate Lattice How to

Crumb Coat A Cake

Daisies My Way by Glenda Galvez!v=ySaj24CsHKA&feature=related

Decorate Cake Borders

ExpertVillage Cake Decorating Videos

Flowers - Icing Flowers and Roses

Fondant - How to Cover a Cake in Fondant

Frost a Cake How to

High Heel Shoe Tutorial - Gumpaste

How to Ice Cakes Using a Spatula!v=G47XxjZfnLc&feature=related

Learn how to Tort, Level and Fill a Cake!v=mNix3qZ3qnk&feature=related

Pastry Bag Decorating Tips

Purse Cake

Rose Romance Cake (Easy) - How to Make and Decorate!v=PSGo_WbEBZQ&feature=related

Shoebox and High Heel Cake!v=NhuDKQAaHTM&playnext_from=

Smoothing Buttercream Icing (Faux Fondant) - The paper towel trick

Space Shuttle Cake

Sports Shoe Cake - Carve And Ganache

Stenciling on Fondant Cakes

Sugar Glue - How to Make!v=g_1vtYY-wFQ&feature=related

Topsy Turvy Cake

Various How-to Cake Decorating Videos (Basics, Stacking Layers, Etc.)

Various How-to Cake Decorating Videos

Various How-to Cake Decorating Videos

Various How-to Cake Decorating Videos (Do a search for “cake decorating”)

Various How-to Cake Decorating Videos (Easy Party Cakes)

Wilton Cake Decorating - Various How-to Cake Decorating Videos

YouTube Various How-to Cake Decorating Videos

Watermelon Cake

Wedding Cake - Make Your Own - Step-By-Step Instructions

Write on Cakes With Frosting

Search Terms For Tutorials In Spanish

There are a lot of great videos in Spanish. I don’t understand Spanish, but I got alot of ideas and learned a lot from watching the videos.

"decoracion de tortas"
"decorando de tortas"

Sites Dedicated To Cake Decorating

WonderHowTo World - Cakes! Cakes! Cakes!
Main page, useful links, forum

CakeCentral - The world’s largest social network for cake decorators

Cakes We Bake Cake Decorating Community

Idea Galleries, Projects, Patterns

Misc. Cake Related Tutorials

Bow Loop Hanger - Make Your Own

Cake Boards - Making And Covering Your Own

Cake Stands - Cake Stand for Cupcakes

Cake Stands - Design Sponge Recycled Cake Stands

Cake Stand - DIY Interchangable Tiered Cupcake Stand

Cake Stand - DIY Tiered Cake Stands With Food Safe Paint

Cake Stand - Faux Mercury Glass Cake Stand

Cake Stand - Make Your Own

Cake Stand - Milk Glass Cake Plate

Chocolate And Marshmallow Rolled Fondant Recipes

Chocolate, Date-Nut, Royal Cream, Peanut Butter And Other Fondant Recipes

Chocolate And Hard Candy Making

Decorating 101: Icing & Glazes,%20ICING

Edible Candy Clay Recipe & Projects (3D Basket and Roses) Plus Ganache
Glaze Recipe

Edible Flowers

Edible Photo Resources
Using food coloring printed on edible paper

Fresh Fruit Bouquet With Pineapple Flowers

Homemade White Chocolate Fondant

Spanish Windtorte - How to Make (Cake shell made of meringue, filled with whipped cream and berries)

Styrofoam Hints & Tips

Cake Recipes

Country Kitchen SweetArt - Ideas and Recipes

Joy Of Baking

Red Velvet Cake Recipe - Moist (Read comments for tips on it)

Very Best Baking

Posted: 10:02 AM

How To Emboss Thin Metal (Like From A Soda Can)

Posted: 8:16 AM
15 December 10
14 December 10
11 December 10

Tutorial - Holiday Stocking From A Man’s Shirt And Tie

Here’s a video tutorial on YouTube on how to make a Christmas or Holiday stocking out of a man’s shirt and tie. Via Threadbanger

Man’s Holiday Stocking From Shirt And Tie

4 December 10

Painting Old (Already Glazed) Ceramics Tutorials

This is the first of my tutorials on various useful crafting techniques. Sometimes I will do a tutorial myself, sometimes I will just link to tutorials elsewhere.

How to paint glazed ceramic pieces - Get some fine grit sandpaper and
gently rough up the glazed surface. Then spray the item with Krylon porcelain finish. Then you can paint it with regular paints. After the paints are really dry, spray or paint on a clear sealer. Use a matte sealer for a flat finish, and glossy for a shiny ceramic look finish. When using spray paint or sealer, several very light coats work better than heavier coats, which get runs and drips in them. Here’s some more tutorials on painting over already glazed ceramics:

Spray Painting Ceramics Tutorial

Ceramic Painting With Water Based, Oven Baking Ceramic Paints

How to Paint Glazed Ceramic Tiles

Easy Instructions for Ceramic Tile Painting - Air Dry Method

Themed by Hunson. Originally by Josh